Retool Healthcare IT for Digital Success

Are These the Hallmarks of your Digital Strategy

  • Disillusioned Clinicians
  • Confused Patients
  • Frustrated Staff
  • Overwhelmed IT Staff
  • no ROI
  • Budget Overruns
  • No Transparency
  • Failed Projects

Realize the Potential of Technology for Healthcare

We've been behind the curve

I inherited an IT organization that was tied in knots

In the fall of 2011 as the CIO for a 16 hospital $6BN health system that faced:

  • 50% of the data center equipment and 60% of workstations were end-of-life
  • 1,800 instances of 900 distinct applications
  • 9 Acute care EHR instances
  • A clinically integrated network with >90 EHRs
  • A data center that had just gone completely down 8 times in 6 weeks.

We emerged from that as a market leader

24 months later

  • 1 Acute EHR
  • Reduced data center footprint from 12 to 2. Avoiding $15M in data center investments
  • Reduced server provisioning from 2 weeks to 2 minutes
  • Developed and launched multi-EHR portal in 30 days
  • Developed and launched online clinic check-in application in 7 days

We believe every Health IT organization has it within them to be great.


1. Inventory Your Tools

New capabilities are required for a digital economy.  We inventory 7 key skills.

2. Develop a Plan

We develop a plan with you to master these skills.

3. Deliver Outcomes

We are here to help you along the way to learn from our experience and avoid the pitfalls.

Let's Get Started

Let’s discuss your goals, what’s working, what’s not working and where to start.

The return should exceed the investment that healthcare has made on technology. We will help your organization develop the seven skills needed to become a market leader in a digital economy.

At Health Lyrics we know you want to be a market leader. In order to do that you need skills that allow you to be effective with digital technologies. A lack of ROI, poor user experience and frustrated staff has left you disillusioned and overwhelmed. 

We believe the return should exceed the investment that healthcare has made on technology. We’ve been in your shoes as a CIO for a 16 hospital system, as a care provider for aging parents and as a patient. Which is why we’ve helped leading health systems to deliver millions in value with technology. 

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Inventory your tools 
  2. Deliver a Plan
  3. Deliver outcomes. 

So, schedule a free consult today and in the meantime download our PDF on the seven emerging skills that Healthcare IT needs to develop in order to remain relevant. So you can stop falling behind and instead become a market leader.