Coaching for Healthcare Executives

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Develop a Plan


Grow as a Leader


Elevate Your Company

Do you face these challenges?

  • Justifying the IT spend with leadership or the board
  • Systematically reducing the cost of IT over time
  • Communicating a vision for where technology can take healthcare
  • Getting the most out of a finite set of resources
  • Getting the most out of a large multi-disciplined staff
  • The feeling of moving from one crisis to another crisis
  • Knowing where to place strategic bets on technology
  • Mobilizing the organization around the most vital work and investments
We clarify your thinking to focus Health IT on the right projects, technology and practices.

Ready to Accelerate Health IT

Coaching Works For

  • Health System Tech Leaders CIO, CTO, CDO
  • Startup Leaders/Teams
  • Health System Strategy Leaders CEO, CFO, CSO
  • Healthcare Product Leaders