Healthcare PM: Engage the Customer to Maximize Projects Success

Healthcare Engagement

Project success starts with consumer engagement every time. Let’s see if this sounds familiar. Your teams have been building something new for months. They’ve put a project plan together, held regular stakeholder meetings, gathered all requirements that you know of, and even passed UAT and pilot phases with flying colors. Why then, when it comes […]

Healthcare CIO: 4 Things Your Staff Wants From You Today

Healthcare CIO

“Every business is a people business.”   Bob Perkins   Have you ever been sailing without any wind? On our honeymoon, Beth and I got stuck on a small sailboat in the middle of the Seven Seas lagoon at Disney World. You used to be able to rent them for the afternoon and sail around; during […]

Healthcare Leader: A Simple Framework For Mentoring

Mentor Leaders

My very first internship was at M&M Mars. How I got there is an interesting story. You see, I was struggling to find a summer internship and my friend had two. We were playing basketball one day and he said, “Why don’t you take the one I don’t want?” To two college kids, this was sound […]

Healthcare CIO: Is Your Next Project Going to Succeed?

Health Lyrics Project Success

Think about a project you have going on right now.  A project the company has affirmed as important, it is funded and it has a business sponsor.  This could be your Workday project, EHR upgrade, or one of your consumer digital initiatives. Let’s go ahead and define success for this exercise as a project completed […]

Patient First: How EHRs can Better Serve Our Patients

Patient Centered EHR

Former Vice President Joe Biden elevated the discussion around patient access to their medical record once again with the revelation of an exchange between him and EPIC CEO Judy Faulkner at an event in support of the Biden Cancer Initiative. I won’t rehash the discussion, you can read about it on Politico. Biden’s main point […]