Healthcare Experience: The Consumer Takes Center Stage

healthcare consumer expereience

Digital disruption is taking hold in healthcare. This is great news for the consumer. Can healthcare systems turn the ship toward the consumer experience?

Healthcare IT: Acceleration is The New Norm

Healthcare IT Future

We had a decade to get the EHR right. Five years to get pop health platforms in place and consumer requires a digital core now. Feeling the acceleration?

Digital Transformation: A Readiness Exercise

Digital Transformation

I believe, as many of you do, that technology innovation is key to the future of healthcare, but we still have more questions than answers. Try this exercise with a much simpler industry to see what kind of learning can be gleaned from the journey of others.

Healthcare CIO: Imagine Alignment

Healthcare IT Team

Sometimes you have to show people their interdependence and the value of functioning as part of the whole.  One meeting that changed our IT organization.

Healthcare CIO: Is Outsourcing in Your Future?

Healthcare IT Outsource

In 2011, when I was asked to take over as CIO of a 16-hospital system, the IT organization was just coming off a 10-year outsourcing contract. The outsource was a debacle. A primary reason was that the contract called for the vendor to lose money in the first four years, in order to show financial gains for […]