Health Lyrics Thank You
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Health Lyrics: Thank You and The Most Read Articles of 2017

I wanted to thank everyone for being a part of the launch of Health Lyrics in 2017.  The response to the articles and the growth of the business has exceeded our expectations.

Our vision was to reimagine healthcare everywhere for everyone.  Our staff’s frequent flier miles and new client engagements across the country would indicate that we are well underway.

We are looking forward to a great 2018 as we expand to assist more health systems to achieve meaningful IT operational efficiency with cloud adoption and embrace the healthcare consumer with digital transformation.

As promised, here are the 11 articles you liked the most.  Thanks and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

Salesforce is the indirect answer to three of the biggest problems facing healthcare: consumer experience, interoperability, and agility.

What did we learn from some of our finest Healthcare CIO s? We learned that the CIO is primarily a leadership role, whatever the title is in five years.

Healthcare innovation comes from the front lines and from a customers perspective. Cultivate the leaders who can create solutions address consumer demand.

In a digital economy, your technology balance sheet may be more important than your financial balance sheet for determining the success of a merger.

Every industry is being pulled toward the center of the digital storm. Healthcare is in the outer ring, but other industries offer insights into what’s next

Every executive is busy. However, an important part of our role is to mentor the next generation of leaders. Here’s a simple framework for mentoring.

“Every business is a people business, every problem is a people problem”. Nothing can be done without a willing and able staff. 4 Things they want from you today.

The Healthcare CIO needs to be operational, strategic, and visionary. This simple framework will remind you of what needs to get done to be an effective CIO

There’s one thing Apple/Google can do that benefits the consumer, helps an industry, solves a federal problem, assists veterans, and could save lives.

Amazon has the ability to transform the healthcare of millions of consumers and develop a more personal relationship with each one… with Amazon Health.

As healthcare providers try to keep up with market demands Microsoft can play the white knight by providing a platform for innovation.

Health Lyrics Thank You