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Episode 9

Good Morning and welcome to This week in Health IT where we discuss news, information and emerging thought with leaders from across the healthcare industry. It is actually Thursday March 8th, but we're going to put this episode up on Friday March 9th. of this week.  Today, We're going to talk all things HIMSS, we're going to talk about blue button.2.0, and get a reaction on the many announcements.   We're actually reporting live from the showroom floor, and it's going to be a fun time talking about those things so this podcast is brought to you by Health Lyrics a leader in digital transformation in healthcare. This is episode number 9. My name is Bill Russell recovering Healthcare CIO, writer and consultant with the previously mentioned Health Lyrics.

Today. I'm joined by a great friend of mine and one of the uh tallest most consumer Focused. CIOs in the industry David Baker. David welcome to the show.  It's great to be here. Thanks for having me.  Yeah, it's gonna be fun.  You sent me a bio? didn't you?   I did.  Wow I should pull that up in the email and read it because people aren't good believe all the amazing things that you've done, so let's let's see what you said, uh this is a good one as SVP Chief Information officer David Baker leads Pacifci Dental Services Information Technology team in digitally empowering patients and further enabling clinicians thought .

Innovative Technology Solutions.  David was named 2017 innovator of the Year by Orange County Business Journal congratulations. Yeah, you get on that list I never got any.  Great job. Uh and one of the computer world's Premier 100. IT leaders in 2016,  Baker's proven International Business and Technology strategy you actually had your own startup point back in uh Great Britain.

Yeah, if I saying that right, that's right Brexit didn't change at all I prefer. England England, okay, yeah, there is more than just singing so you're even one of those entrepreneurs Who start your own thing and sold it off. So uh, and uh clearly David used to work for me is going on to bigger and better things now as the CIO really focused in on the consumer consumer experience, and uh really looking forward to having a conversation with you about what you've learned to him, and we'll also get into uh some stuff around around the

consumer experience, I think that will be fun.  so uh actually give us a little background on Pacific Dental, but the company white relevant for healthcare people don't think of dental health is Health, but it really is and you guys aren't a small practices like a billion plus organization, so it's uh pretty Bank. Yeah sure I mean uh super uh, it's a great company met with the leadership there off to the transition now the fun date and Joe's glass.

Like you think that of that as my growing up here. Let's give some of the some of the things I did to you while you were there to scare you but yes, we did a lot of great. So it was really really fun at great. I think it was just uh By the time, but it happened in to Big my my Scrappy Roots, so uh yeah bumped into the folks over the PS and just uh explosive Growth Company.

Uh in the way that they fully. Essentially um I've closed approaching too close to 700 dental offices and second largest in the u.s.. 700 and crush the country yeah, so 17 States 76 aggressively opening law says as know that there's a huge demand from the partners that we go and help the practice the arm.

Is it all Dental or you partnering with health care or doing school health care, System, I think. This is where things get really interesting we start to touch on some of this was dentals bit like a redheaded stepchild right. It's the same car. It's like. It's like it's like yeah. You're healthy except.

Your teeth are bad, but that's not how I get exactly systemic. Health is kind of one of the actions to me at least the technologist and the company as well, and I have the business is evolving. We are seeing instances of folks popping up included where where um having a. Recap position with the dentist in the same office which is a prequel.

I think about even go down as well, Johnny, and the kids get the annual Health check-ups right or hopefully a bit more you can do the whole round. Yeah. Yeah, yo get the shots and then go and get you the teeth between and check out as well while you're there. It's very convenient and more importantly you start to correlate this data between medical and dental, which is definitely so you guys aren't any vhr.

Thing in Dental. It's very interesting so if I go in through medical funded to the HR right secret from him is just as plated with different clothes in that space and at different levels in Dental everything is design Market. Is is Private Practice 20%. That's where we operate um. There's a lot of applications Private Practice focusing on spending our companies and our bedroom, and then you know grow to over the years.

Or else there's definitely a market in the DSO space because it's just so I've found is. You know the unfortunate situation most of the folks that are in our space and practice management, and you know definitely lacking some of the emerging, so we'll see some of these players folks in because it would be great to have a medical room write a personal medical record that has everything night.

Yeah imagine. Super side that the dental side, so I'm sure sure board to come on that. I'm sure if you are here to meet your talk to some of these players will wait for the announcements a little later all right, and so really exciting stuff going on I got it down. This could be fun. Well. I'm look forward to talking to him.

We're gonna talk. You know uh big themes will talk. You know what you learn from the floor. We'll talk. Uh well. We'll hit on you know. What was your favorite hand out at the booze or for those they see. We'll see what we come up with I you know I think I saw here. I I feel like the there's uh there's uh four teams that are being driven home here.

I think there's three overhyped, and then I think there's one that's sort of in the background everywhere. I've seen it everywhere, but it's not being height. Uh the four main themes. I'm hearing is cloud so Eric Schmidt came on that first night and said if you're not in the cloud health care if you're not in the cloud.

It's time to get there don't walk run. Friends get there, and if we do this uh back at our women working together before we moved to the cloud 2012. Yeah, because we knew that you can get to scale you can do things in the cloud that you couldn't do if you try to hold on to your data screen get that data into Azure, or Google now you have access to these machine player and layers you can do some things that grow that moment is some of the other things are customer experience, so we'll talk about about that, and I think that is.

Driven home knowing your patients journey and really uh doing a good job around that the other area, which has gotten a ton of press and some really exciting announcements is interoperability right so uh uh sema4 from CMS and Jared Kushner from the Trump Administration came in and painted their announcement on I think it's really exciting so you have blue button which took uh the.

Records for all the uh uh within the VA they can actually press the button download their entire medical record go somewhere else and then give them their medical records electronically well now that's available for CMS 59 million patients think I have that number right about 59 million patients now you're going to be able to press a button download and upload it into another so so Cloud customer experience interoperability really three things are probably the for the three.

I think that are way over height is this year. I'm curious your thoughts hey, um we're all excited about know which there. You know it's gonna be great, but I mean every boots go and justly you know they say I and you're like uh uh machine learning. Uh or the to and then and again all three of those things are gonna.

Have a major role within Healthcare, but uh it's sort of like population Health three years ago, or hear that everywhere we went, but people like didn't have a good definition or how they were going to use it. Was gonna wear was complain now. I think those three are still trying to find their space and it feels overblown the one that's behind the background.

I want to talk to you a little bit about this one his voice so she human interaction seems to be changing. You know we speak we saw this with automatics and Google Glass they were doing dictation for their. Uh, I I don't know about you guys to be my booth and VMware had. The these guys are sitting here with an Alexa they go hey, Alexa.

Uh you know spin up for instances of our bar whatever fired up or more instances of the servers, and that's not practical, but don't you think there's going to be a live application for voice huge, I mean yeah scram and with that I think back in the day. It's interesting looking at some stuff in front.

I think good time that is our maturity level we get a largest. Uh roaming is on your service igneous right back, so it was. Uh it was that's now like I mean if you don't have that today where we get what your doctor walks up and does support of biometric screening in logs on the system. You're behind.

I think what you've got now is is really cool. You know laughter. Uh right is most prone out like Gus what? Want to drive the technology experience standpoint, we just log in through your heel before it was just that point integration something this has been the pivotal point in the name of course especially like so the apis are probably there in the sdks are finding their you're able to tap into these things.

I know we have the attached to team. We said look we want to be able to look at appointments through voice and we. What's this going to be a thousand dollar project? He doesn't own project at the engineers came back after the weekend and said okay. It's ready to go yeah, and I was like. What do you that they have integrated it with uh one of our data repositories, and they essentially had on Google home actually not Amazon Echo Google always said okay.

Tell me about my employment and came back and said your next appointment is on this date. Would you like reminder climate science amazing? I think to the coast to your point. I've seen I've seen here this year is really around the new oil. That's where everything seems. We can get clean open data that we can get to interoperate with so it's just more clear.

I think it's going to be understanding through my things yeah, three the data. That was are you uh? Data any veteran Dental, or is it is if you have a big project? We've got the biggest uh positive the US which is is fun right? We've got internally utilizing where heavy metrics driven organization we we see that they day.

We do better business through that later. That's when General is extremely pregnant never going to go in current state, right. Just take one piece that you will go to again a lot of this right one go to a different one go through the extra to go through the paperwork. Well. That's the you see it's the new world that we got to refine to get the data to the point where you can partner with a research institution that says ambulance let's go through your data and come back with some insight, so you know we can help people live healthier lives through dead.

By this analysis finding matter saying these people maybe have a different pattern for healthy so that you hit now in the head. I think about the value of that data from Grassroots systemic Health uh Stanford right where they are correlations between that's a biggest be the job for what industry to the other oral systemic Health the other you learned the new you know yeah, you know what's great about the team.

It's a great pleasure, but yeah that makes a lot of sense. Uh let me ask you this question and this is off topic here is to go from one industry obviously. It's still healthy is it hard to make that jump from one industry. That was happy having the healthcare grounded on that. You know I can only get by on my accent so long.

I had to pick up some slack. They'll be. We have you on I guess number of listeners. Just doubled behind out that I don't know that much about it. Um. No. I think it's been huge in this day and age you need any see the business. It's kind of cliche to say right, but other folks down past. It is. I don't want to become a data center.

I think that it's almost coming to Industry agnostic so the health spaces the health of their health objects are that Health space now, so it's how? We go into such additional businesses and inject our digital experience to improve those workflows to administer every day to the most caregivers is the same the same story ultimately, but the biggest piece of this next generation of healthcare is making sure was in trouble you can take it with you at all then you can begin to learn about your personal health, and so that's the thing I appreciate about news you like the technology, but it was never about the technology.

It was always about the experiences, and how do we and it doesn't matter if it's dental and agree tail if it's Medical in fact. It's harder in the medical center because we almost there was a time where we say the word consumer, and they would look at us like you talking, and uh, but now we're finally getting and we're talkin about consumer experiences.

What uh what are some of the things you got through a Hagen is Joe here. What are the things? You got this is great, and you know I'm passionate will touch more about you know consumer experience. I'd like to drink. What he has a customer and Looking Through The Eyes of the customer and that essentially where we where I've been at Healthcare and the patient journey is everything all right so right for some low-hanging fruit disrupting again is another overused word, but the trucks Legacy.

It is so things here like I said data analytics, right we talked about it for a while. Everything's been very stacked self-service and you doing your own data mining now. Committees should shouldn't have to have a whole science team to be mind trying to pick out like correlations. It's fine. I mean leave that I want to serve up data to my folks second one hungry for it that won't make their own Easy correlations, but reducing you and so our CEO.

We both serve better. I remember her she could come to me going. What do I get to just be able to Google our data, right? I just want to I just want to ask it a question like. Many people in Orange County had this or how do we you know just want to ask it questions and her experience was I like that Google in her face, which is just one little box.

I type in my question in effect with a bunch of different answers look at is that one it doesn't have to be perfect. It. Just I want that one right. It's that with it now once again this about yet, so far and put management right now for example. We utilize a company called their natural language in terms.

How many Windows XP machines like I'm gonna have done. Well at least they don't pop back up back up to the top queries, and I think like you say I'll be happy with this how many Windows 95 so bad word trouble the other big thing here. I said yeah for a while right, so I feel like blocked mean is I'm in the cloud right.

What's I think we got past that out for sure we get him blockchains really interesting about this. It's just that the onset right Progressive. Iot I think which we can talk to pop when I was trying to do the tracking through Bluetooth meshes. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's hot I mean people are tracking is easier than ever you don't need all this crazy hard.

Whether you have to install you. Can you know through the beacons or through some of the fight location services through some of the network providers. It's much easier, so I like the end the way that the devices are coming into the environment living now. Almost where we're going to track where it is.

We're gonna track this help. It's got some help healing going on there so many applications you put up like these these little devices that now have a life so interesting so iot has matured and starting to get there talk about wayfinding as an example, but not only way finding, but finding devices within uh within the organization as well.

I'm looking over there making sure we're still recording. Uh um so find a device. We were doing it because we were losing devices literally they were walking out the door now. Yep the hospital so we were finding places that way, but there's there's just I mean uh boxes uh devices people's homes. I have T's ever were.

We don't even is that you pick. What a sound I did actually how it's what the cloud is unable to the background. You know see it, but it's working for you. It's like. Uh, we used to have been vested tracker staff and everybody had a bit of almost no one does, but if you ask them how many steps they have they pull out their own, and they go I've had 12,000 steps, and it's just that whole concept of it's on my watch.

It's something. That's already there. You don't need marriage when you think you're going to use iot so as you know. We'll talk about this thing is the office of these deployments. It's great coming in you know that you know juice about what? Big question is one how my office went running human right and into flames on the side right back, then we go another my trademark.

Well. It's uh the healthier website on this. It's uh, so yeah. Yeah, it's uh keep the trains running on time a new track right everyone's saying you make this little better, and then it's build airplanes, which is the moon shall try out some of the stuff that was coming. I love that. By the way you should anyone read that one.

That's it especially you coming up through the ranks, and I believe heavily in operation you have every day, which might be well as you could lose your job if that easily you could build the best airplane in the world, but if your data center keeps going down on your street that stuff running, but also truly the business even to apply the business plan growth plan see how you are being a partner.

So that's what we want you to be the expert they want to so you're at this conference. You're walking around. They want you to come back and say okay? Here's where Healthcare is are here Square digital. Go. Here's some of the things that are going to be honest. I think you make decisions with your educating that at some point, and then you're saying okay.

Here's the 55 things we can't do 20. I think they said and they're saying okay for next year's strategy if you do these things is that they I mean you guys said strategy. Like that absolutely so the thing that I'm most impressed with you know around again always just there. Uh they're transparent and very clear strategy plan over the next 10 years with you know hyper-focused on the next one and two you know exactly where they married this year, and I get my plans months, which is really blowing down some projects that are lined up, and we're crashing group and if something takes a high priority we can.

Go out there. I think benefit. Um buying the I got engaged was with this trick some of the really cool Tech. I think could give us immediate and event is what I'd like to do is spin up the emerging Technologies Group that gives me immense leverage. We can facile so many products, so what do you do?

I'm spreading the hard on a project right now when you pull into will be notified technology. Hey Bill, we're on time and see it two minutes ago this month a week or two and then more of a style will be able to pop up on screen the hey income is his photo in some information that we have a great conversation.

We have in creating an experience right that's really what we're looking for village community that experience well. That's a bunch of stuff on him to be honest about the show. I actually got to talk about it. Two weeks to talk about house, so we'll move on one of the things are so in our second segment.

We do leadership attempt to detect and with you. It's not leadership. I want to talk about the consumer experience. I think it is fine. It's definitely tough minded hands. I think it's not mine. Uh we're both, so why why are we finally talked to her? Why is it important to talk about consumers? It is this could be the is this going to be a point of differentiation with a within Healthcare?

Leave with this is a changing thing experience right you almost fucked up. Happy days. They go out, and they built they built everything is already. You know up front frame while running run through it, and then reversing American people code for that is why so with the experience people expect more than ever, but the days of you know business Mighty computer experience and fans that broken their one now, and you know.

Anyone that shadow it's-- real and people in the business of at this problem. You know from Recently are going out, and they want to function service right here sighs right they wanted this video conference system right so they'll just go and download their own religious leaders. We bring folks into all stupid business is engineer every Healthcare System every company.

I've ever done. I ran across a video conference. It's a you go to this conference rooms like ya told it might work it might not work. Okay. I'm gonna plug it with DV. Eyes like well. You need to VGA like you know it's like because it's a hard budget to get to collapse, but the experience for almost everyone including the exactly those.

I don't know so we go tell you why always at law, uh you know situation and it was specific down so it's got a lot to go on there's nothing revolution has video right I'm like. What she's just shouldn't be this huge like point of tables, and so I just throw it out. Uh ring solution uh to form a unified Communications Network telephone.

Yeah, well. I have to do the uh the translation part. Uh Park is The Barking line translate, so we just rolled that out, and it really is. I think finally just a great amalgamation patients products and just work at that. Think that up video, so that's that's a good use case you approach everything internal and external through the lens of the soup, so here you have in terms of super Jen extra.

What are some other use cases where you actually I'm going to take you back of course you back here, so I think one of the most impressive projects. I said uh I actually take some credit for I really shouldn't take any credit really you was this uh uh 60 back. Okay? Remember well so talk about 60 back because I think every Healthcare CIO should initiate a 60 back project tomorrow, so talk a little so I still really back in the day when we were how many minutes can we get permission to that right on their day because they were like many suck experience so number one don't spend time now and make sure you in there on the shop floor with customer that will spend many nights in the and see where we can improve improve lives.

What so we demonstrated everyone about 15 minutes back back on their day every day for some of the single sign-on then you know that was way back. I apply that to every situation to this day. I go in first and foremost. Let me look for problem rather than as she speaks people interview people spend a lot of money, and that was the say I think this one the difference was we were looking for problems feel out in the hospital floor.

The challenge you get 15 should be a double that why don't we start 60 back in 65 so the challenge was how do we get back out here every day, and so it's first by the way somebody comes in and gives you a great gift of 15 minutes ago. Yeah make that 60 or they go yeah, I saved your million dollars on your budget or like making five.

I mean it's sort of what we do. I guess right. That is such a great project. Especially since we done the EMR projects and we added to all the glitter today. We're seeing this card out happen. It would be great to continue to make those efforts. It was huge. What's huge project I remember one of these guys came back and said is hey what we identified in the Ed is uh what we redid that we didn't put the printers the right place, so all we did is we brought like two additional Brenner's repositionable, and we see you know five to ten minutes.

These people trying to find some green belt training. Here is good to have some 60 most coming in and just looking at the digital workplace right so it wasn't simple. We could say couple minutes a day here a couple of adds up quickly one of the biggest things especially medical is you know the pageant go for very helpful as well as some of the prescription.

Uh pretty complexities around that what was important use the scrolling through some horrid list and it printed I mean. So we Implement systems whereas, where is the closest I could magically becomes more like Java library for there was those great. They give me give me some examples. What are you doing?

What are you doing at uh metal and that area and it had measured success success means and why I say in a couple of areas right and once again. It comes back to that patient and and the dental experience how can we? Back whenever he goes into things you can spend more time with gauging that or to get more patients into your schedule great Revenue obviously the driver net revenue matters right so so yeah, we we really focused I always lead out with those of the experience and units back more efficient so that the end-users presented with the right information at the right time to make the.

So if I saw uh measurement you would actually talk in terms of minutes or hours or minutes satisfaction satisfaction the big one well you know when I go in I always picture card project. I would like cash. I don't think by the his is why I think you are you did that a lot. I was like I can do this so good, but I'm usually said I want to do it is because we're gonna stay here, or we going to enjoy the time off tomato down the.

So the biggest thing is once that wants the fundings in and you're out there, and you can have a project, and it doesn't always work. I would say Belfast device around make sure you get out fast or refining. Um. It's coming back around. You know to your sponsors. You're saying. You know what built that you invest the million bucks, and this here is my video work doesn't have any wasn't cheap.

I mean because expensive was a Hollywood production come back here, right we have the early stages. They look. It's been. To change the way that they were giving time the project closure thing is something we forget to do and going back going back to the people that gave the money are going back to the uh the clinicians that that either time and saying hey, here's what we prepared.

Here's the result I mean they may experience you might I think we make his oh, they're living so that they know what but not need to keep telling the story over and over again outside of the eating with experience and then. Making sure you don't have a ring stop to use American touch on the fun with whole thing is going back to those folders and demonstrate more successful track.

We have satisfaction scores obviously about time score product deploy series of paper. That says yeah, so propellerhead is British for really smart people you know they know their technology craft do that I find always maintain right you can't have really really. Righty Folks at our personality not saying everyone right now.

They're trying to cram down the customers throat delivery rate by T. Product to make sure it's intuitive and and people rather than you push, so you know the way back great deliveries with later propaganda can grow just to prove out that product. That's one of the things that you taught me was you certain hiring these people with more customer service backgrounds that technology backgrounds.

And I pushed a little bit on it you should watch watch how goodness' and actually since then I've hired Rachel uh at help Learners, and she heads up a lot of our consumer engagement kind of thing because that's how she's wired how she thinks and the technology it just comes along you pick it up.

Could you use it? I always say right? When's the last time you went to last night Facebook anybody had. And then compute you know that you don't need instruction. Well. I I think we're at the Young. We are at you know it goes sometimes. I try to do a half hour only because you know but I was I didn't have time for an hour, so so we usually close that sex a 30-second closes our favorite social media.

Do you want to go first you I'll go first. So my favorite is really and you know we used to do this religion as it does and you always used to take the mixing English ground. Why are you always give it like a Richard Branson, so I'm gonna end Richard Branson, and uh Tony Robbins much all over so in honor of you bill um yeah, Richard Branson.

And just needs weight around how he's trying to reinvigorate reinvent last. There's right travel experiences like suck again. It's all about you know the bottom line teams ticket button kind of shot going to complain. That's also. He's trying to make economy that experience at the correlation is from that is folks like him Elon Musk right that was just constantly go yet good.

Yes. I become you know company great. What's next someone's coming my lunch what's next he's just thinking about what's next I'd love that we need to do more that there's a there's a great challenge is to try to project our head and say you know what can we do that really make this experience better, or you know all the uh all the people involved, so I I'm gonna cheat a little bit.

We uh I thought it was very creative City walking to the walk into emphasis week. And newspaper which I can't believe they still enjoy. I mean I have to open the bag I can but um the engine is neighbor people walking around with the whole bunch strewn all over this, but uh I don't know if it's all this, but there was somebody handing out a uh sort of an off-brand thing called news big news for him, and it was just funny stories.

It was uh like made up stories within the most out of it. I couldn't find a copy I wanted to break out because it was really funny. It's really well done. Uh so I had just I just wanted to share with people that concept of uh the fake news and him for the conference. I'll try to track it down. It was funny.

It's like that was pretty fun. Well. Thank you very much for being on the show. That's really all we have time for let me find the clothes here on this uh thing so that's all for now. Thanks. We probably could follow me almost exact so. Brandy yeah, that's on Twitter. You can follow me at the patient CIA.

Oh, uh don't forget to follow show on Twitter as well as we can HIIT and check out our new website this week in health it on the hell. I can say it's been out there for about nine weeks now. Uh if you like the show, please take a few seconds give us a review on iTunes and Google play uh and please come back every Friday for more news commentary.

From industry influencers that you are an industry impulsive and ever. Thank you very much. That's all for now.