Telehealth Reaches a Tipping Point: Adapt or Die

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In the book The Road Ahead, written by Bill Gates in 1995, he had this premise: “If you imagine a world with unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and resources to miniaturize technology, you begin to see the future.”  There were two quotes from the book that I remember reading back then, both of which got me […]

Rethinking Disaster Recovery for Healthcare IT

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

A number of years back we used to watch our friend’s kid, who I would sit down with and play games.  I really enjoyed our time together, because he seemed like a 45-year-old executive trapped in a six-year-old’s body. When I would make a move on the board, he would say, “You’re doing it wrong.” […]

The Patient Can’t be Trusted with Their Health Record. Wait. What?

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There are certain moments that have a profound impact on you. For me, one of those moments came during a discussion I was leading on patient information exchange. Working in Catholic Healthcare you are introduced to this idea of ministry, which quite simply means in service to God and others. That may sound nebulous to […]