Blockchain Roadblocks and Fintech Lessons for Healthcare

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Telehealth Reaches a Tipping Point: Adapt or Die

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In the book The Road Ahead, written by Bill Gates in 1995, he had this premise: “If you imagine a world with unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and resources to miniaturize technology, you begin to see the future.”  There were two quotes from the book that I remember reading back then, both of which got me […]

The Strategic Imperative of Telehealth and the Role of the CMIO

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Rethinking Disaster Recovery for Healthcare IT

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

A number of years back we used to watch our friend’s kid, who I would sit down with and play games.  I really enjoyed our time together, because he seemed like a 45-year-old executive trapped in a six-year-old’s body. When I would make a move on the board, he would say, “You’re doing it wrong.” […]

Handling the Talent Shortage in IT and Organizing for Cyber Security

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