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telehealth telemedicine Health Lyrics

Telehealth Reaches a Tipping Point: Adapt or Die

In the book The Road Ahead, written by Bill Gates in 1995, he had this premise: “If you imagine a world with unlimited computing power, …

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Rethinking Disaster Recovery for Healthcare IT

A number of years back we used to watch our friend’s kid, who I would sit down with and play games.  I really enjoyed our …

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Better Thinking Better Solutions - Health Lyrics

The Patient Can’t be Trusted with Their Health Record. Wait. What?

There are certain moments that have a profound impact on you. For me, one of those moments came during a discussion I was leading on …

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Agile Health Lyrics

Agile: “I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means”

In the iconic movie, The Princess Bride – one of my family’s favorite movies – Vizzini keeps using the word “inconceivable.” Finally, Inigo Montoya responds with, …

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Millennial Leaders

Millennials are Driving me Crazy, and It’s Awesome

This past summer, my nephew and his friends – recent graduates from colleges on the east coast – stopped at my home in California for …

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CHIME CIO Forum 2018

What I Learned at the CHIME CIO Forum 2018

I recently returned home from the 2018 CHIME CIO Forum. This is one of my favorite events of the year, and I highly recommend that …

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Apple in Healthcare

Apple Make Minor Move that Sends Shockwaves in Healthcare

There are certain things in life that we behold, which tend to elicit awe: a child being born, a rocket hurtling into outer space, and …

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Health Lyrics on Hiring

The One-Question Interview for Your Next Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

There’s no doubt: the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) must be filled with the absolute best candidate available. The success of any IT organization …

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Starman on Healthcare Innovation

SpaceX Disrupts Space Travel — Is Disruption Possible in Healthcare?

In case you missed it, SpaceX made history again this week. Here’s a recap: SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy on February 6, which exceeds the …

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Culture Wins Championships

The One Thing Every Leader Should Know From The Eagles Super Bowl Victory

Guest post by Bob Perkins – Executive Coach and Author of Vision for Your Life. It would be irresponsible of me not to write about …

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Amazon/Berkshire/JPMorgan is the Sign of an Emerging Healthcare Consumer

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase announced the formation of a nonprofit healthcare company on Tuesday, to address cost, transparency, and the user experience. …

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JP Morgan Berkshire Hathaway Amazon Health

JP Morgan, Amazon, and Berkshire Health: Will They Partner or Disrupt?

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase announced Tuesday that they were partnering up to create an independent, non-profit company aimed at addressing healthcare costs.  …

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Apple Saves Healthcare Again

Apple Saves Healthcare, Again (Maybe, Hopefully?) …Really?

Nothing stirs up social media more than a move by a major tech player in the healthcare space. The responses range from, “Finally, our hope …

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Cut Your Healthcare IT Budget for Tomorrow, Today

For years, Healthcare CEOs and CFOs have been coming to the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, blaming the high cost of moving to the EHR as …

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Leading Leaders

Leading Leaders: The Difference Between Good and Great CIOs

The staff meeting ended, everyone was in agreement, and everyone felt good about themselves. Sounds surprising to me. And if this describes your normal staff …

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What I Learned from Your CEO at The JP Morgan Conference

The JP Morgan Non-Profit track is one of my favorite events of the year. Each January, JP Morgan invites both high net worth investors and …

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Cloud Security

Security: The Most Important Reason to Move Healthcare to the Cloud

Curious about what happened while you were celebrating the holidays? Well, the worst CPU bug ever found was identified. It affects everyone and every computing …

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Project Success

How to Make Healthcare Project Success a Habit in 2018

I love the turning of the calendar. It signifies a fresh start, a new beginning, and, in some cases, a reboot. I do this personally …

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Health Lyrics Thank You

Health Lyrics: Thank You and The Most Read Articles of 2017

I wanted to thank everyone for being a part of the launch of Health Lyrics in 2017.  The response to the articles and the growth …

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Patient Journey

Healthcare: 2018 is the Year to Focus on the Customer Experience

This is the last post for the 2017 year. So, I thought it might be fitting to highlight the most important topic for healthcare in …

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High-Tech and High-Touch: A Perfect Strategy Blend for Healthcare

The CVS/Aetna deal represents a possible change in the way we think about healthcare companies.  The combination of the local drug store and the data/analytics …

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Healthcare CIO: The Enormous Benefits of Platform Now

It’s that time of year again. You know, the weeks where we finalize our budgets and make predictions on what trends are going to impact …

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How to Determine the Success of a Healthcare Merger

In the span of 5 days, we’ve had four blockbuster merger announcements: Optum/Davita, CVS/Aetna, Advocate/Aurora, and the definitive agreement for Dignity/CHI. This got me thinking… I …

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Microsoft Health

How to Leverage the Microsoft Stack For Healthcare Innovation

Recently, I wrote about the best next moves in healthcare for Amazon, Apple, and Salesforce. A glaring omission in this series, though, is Microsoft. I …

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Healthcare's Digital Hurricane

The Path of the Digital Hurricane and Its Impact on Healthcare

There is a storm coming. We’ve been tracking it for the last five years, in fact. It continues to build in intensity and we are …

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CRM in Healthcare

Finding a Fit: How the CRM Can Transform Healthcare

The EHR is to Clinical what the CRM is to Consumer. The CRM can listen to, interact with, and otherwise engage people when they aren’t …

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Salesforce Health

How Big of an Impact Could Salesforce Have on Healthcare?

Healthcare is struggling to become consumer friendly…. I think few would argue that. Only five years ago, I was rebuked strongly at a meeting for …

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Amazon Healthcare

How Amazon Can Have a Prime Impact on Healthcare

Well, Jeff Bezos just became the world’s richest man. Now, let’s see if we can help him lap the field… by proposing Amazon Health. Now, …

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Apple Healthcare

From a CIO: What Should Be Apple’s Next Big Healthcare Move?

The only thing consistently at the point of care is the patient. The second most common item is a phone. So, it’s only fitting that …

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IT University

IT University – Simple Concept, Huge Returns

AI, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud, Automation, Digital Transformation. The only constant in Healthcare IT is Change. IT University, however, can help bridge the …

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Healthcare Cloud Elements

Healthcare CIO: One Health Systems Model For The Cloud

The story of the battle between Alternating Current and Distributed Current pitted two legends against each other, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Edison believed in DC …

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Where are we Going?

Buzzwords abound and none is hotter right now than Digital Transformation in healthcare. When something gains this much traction, it’s time to develop a framework. …

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Healthcare CIO

Healthcare CIO: A Roadmap for The Role

What an interesting week in the world of the Healthcare CIO. Becker’s conference this year provided us some insight into the role of the Healthcare …

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healthcare consumer expereience

Healthcare Experience: The Consumer Takes Center Stage

Digital disruption is taking hold in healthcare. This is great news for the consumer. Can healthcare systems turn the ship toward the consumer experience?

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Healthcare IT Future

Healthcare IT: Acceleration is The New Norm

We had a decade to get the EHR right. Five years to get pop health platforms in place and consumer requires a digital core now. Feeling the acceleration?

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: A Readiness Exercise

I believe, as many of you do, that technology innovation is key to the future of healthcare, but we still have more questions than answers. Try this exercise with a much simpler industry to see what kind of learning can be gleaned from the journey of others.

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Healthcare IT Team

Healthcare CIO: Imagine Alignment

Sometimes you have to show people their interdependence and the value of functioning as part of the whole.  One meeting that changed our IT organization.

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Healthcare IT Outsource

Healthcare CIO: Is Outsourcing in Your Future?

In 2011, when I was asked to take over as CIO of a 16-hospital system, the IT organization was just coming off a 10-year outsourcing contract. The …

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healthcare cloud

Healthcare CIO: Avoid Investments in Fixed Fortifications

Architecture is designing something with focused intent around its function in the future. I want to spend some time today exploring one future that we …

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Reality Trumps Theory

Guest Article by David Bensema, former CIO and CMIO of Baptist Health Kentucky. My leadership journey has allowed me to have multiple roles over the …

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healthcare IT

Healthcare CIO: Hospital Data Centers Extinct. Really?

I did some reading this morning. Here’s a headline that really caught my attention: “Hospital datacenters: Extinct in 5 years?” Immediately, I did a double …

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Healthcare IT

Healthcare CIO: A Plan to Increase Headcount

I was sitting in a class in college once when the professor asked a question. Immediately, a friend of mine raised her hand and these words …

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Healthcare Engagement

Healthcare PM: Engage the Customer to Maximize Projects Success

Project success starts with consumer engagement every time. Let’s see if this sounds familiar. Your teams have been building something new for months. They’ve put …

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Healthcare CIO

Healthcare CIO: 4 Things Your Staff Wants From You Today

“Every business is a people business.”   Bob Perkins   Have you ever been sailing without any wind? On our honeymoon, Beth and I got stuck …

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Mentor Leaders

Healthcare Leader: A Simple Framework For Mentoring

My very first internship was at M&M Mars. How I got there is an interesting story. You see, I was struggling to find a summer …

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Health Lyrics Project Success

Healthcare CIO: Is Your Next Project Going to Succeed?

Think about a project you have going on right now.  A project the company has affirmed as important, it is funded and it has a …

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Patient Centered EHR

Patient First: How EHRs can Better Serve Our Patients

Former Vice President Joe Biden elevated the discussion around patient access to their medical record once again with the revelation of an exchange between him …

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Healthcare Cloud

10 Things to Consider when Moving Healthcare to the Cloud

Building the Healthcare Cloud is not for the faint of heart. Prior to becoming a healthcare CIO, I was the president of a Cloud Computing …

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Healthcare Innovation

Unlock a Culture of Innovation within Healthcare

As a healthcare CIO, you want to be able to develop a culture of innovation; the hardest part is finding the champions and giving them …

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Healthcare CIO

A Framework for the Healthcare CIO

See if you can relate. I was named CIO of a $5.5B health system and hit the ground running. At the 2-month mark, I was …

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Pay Attention to Boats that are Rocking

When you see a company going through a turbulent period, look for opportunities to hire A-players – and don’t just settle for the first person …

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How to Get More Value From Reference Checks

Strict reference policies is a growing trend among companies today and many prohibit their employees from providing any meaningful feedback on candidates. But, this doesn’t …

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Allocate More Time for Your Lead Dogs

Are we giving the most valuable producers and leaders on our teams the time, attention, and resources they need and deserve from us? Or have we …

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