Security: The Most Important Reason to Move Healthcare to the Cloud

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Curious about what happened while you were celebrating the holidays? Well, the worst CPU bug ever found was identified. It affects everyone and every computing device, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and even cloud computing systems. Happy New Year, CIO! Your agenda has been hijacked… at least for a little while. How It Impacts You […]

Healthcare CIO: One Health Systems Model For The Cloud

Healthcare Cloud Elements

The story of the battle between Alternating Current and Distributed Current pitted two legends against each other, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Edison believed in DC because it was safer, but it required a power plant on every street corner. Tesla backed AC because he could build a single generator at the edge of town and power […]

Healthcare CIO: Avoid Investments in Fixed Fortifications

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Architecture is designing something with focused intent around its function in the future. I want to spend some time today exploring one future that we can all agree on. Moore’s Law gave us the roadmap and we have lived it for over a half a century. There is a graph that I came across this morning, […]

Healthcare CIO: Hospital Data Centers Extinct. Really?

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I did some reading this morning. Here’s a headline that really caught my attention: “Hospital datacenters: Extinct in 5 years?” Immediately, I did a double take. I wasn’t surprised at the premise… I was surprised at the timeline. Here is why I did a double take: Have you ever been in a hospital data center? […]

10 Things to Consider when Moving Healthcare to the Cloud

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Building the Healthcare Cloud is not for the faint of heart. Prior to becoming a healthcare CIO, I was the president of a Cloud Computing consulting firm from 2008 to late 2011. We helped IT providers build cloud platforms and applications, and provided services to organizations looking to adopt cloud models. There was one underlying […]