Millennials are Driving me Crazy, and It’s Awesome

Millennial Leaders

This past summer, my nephew and his friends – recent graduates from colleges on the east coast – stopped at my home in California for a few days. A few days turned into ten days with these carefree, fun-loving kids in their early 20s. Our home was at the end of their graduation celebration, which […]

The One-Question Interview for Your Next Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Health Lyrics on Hiring

There’s no doubt: the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) must be filled with the absolute best candidate available. The success of any IT organization is dependent on this position, and they must have the trust and backing of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). While ensuring you find the right person to hire can be […]

The One Thing Every Leader Should Know From The Eagles Super Bowl Victory

Culture Wins Championships

Guest post by Bob Perkins – Executive Coach and Author of Vision for Your Life. It would be irresponsible of me not to write about the Eagles. I mean, it’s just too big a deal here in Philadelphia for me not to comment. In late October I called a friend who works with the Eagles. […]

Cut Your Healthcare IT Budget for Tomorrow, Today


For years, Healthcare CEOs and CFOs have been coming to the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, blaming the high cost of moving to the EHR as a primary driver for depressed results. A common refrain from them this year was more responsible investments in operations, which includes IT. For all its complexity, it turns out that […]

Leading Leaders: The Difference Between Good and Great CIOs

Leading Leaders

The staff meeting ended, everyone was in agreement, and everyone felt good about themselves. Sounds surprising to me. And if this describes your normal staff meetings, you may not have the right environment. Lessons Learned from the Past I love the musical Hamilton. Gotta love a depiction of the events that takes away any doubt […]